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Our Team

Who we are.


Mage Doctor are a group of freelance Magento developers, designers and system administrators who work together to make Magento E-commerce sites work!


At Mage Doctor we know that some Magento sites have not been built to work to their optimal potential and we are passionate on helping you have a great Ecommerce website to power your business.. We believe that concentrating on fixing issues and optimising your site we can provide a service that is second to none.


We will listen to your concerns and perform a full technical audit of your site so we can propose a full range of improvements to make your site fly and work to it's full capacity. We use best practice techniques to ensure that future functionality will not introduce new issues to your site. We also provide a full test suite so you can be sure that your online shop is working as it should behind the scenes.


Mage Doctor is happy to work on your website where ever you are in the world. We are busy getting like minded expert Magento developers around the world to work as part of an international team of developers that understand the Ecommerce market in your country and can speak to you in your own language and time zone.

Our Services

What we do


We look at your Magento installation and hosting infrastucture to see that is is working to it's full potential.


Anything from minor treatment to major surgey on your Magento e-commerce site to get it into tip top condition and working for you.


We'll look at your hosting infrastructure to see if it is suitable for your site now and in the future and if need be, we'll help you move to more suitable accomodation for your Magento site.


We are happy to offer you our expert knowledge and skills to develop new functionality for your website no matter how small or large the project. All custom development follows best practice and goes through rigorous testing procedures.

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Fancy Becoming a Mage Doctor?

We are are looking for Backend Developers, Sys Admins, Frontend Developers in fact people with all different types of Magento skills to work with Mage Doctor on a freelance basis.

If you are interested in working on making the Magento world a better place then get in touch for more details (no recruitment agencies please!).

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